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Welcome! Please sign up completing all of the fields shown. All participants must be 16 years old or older. You'll receive an email as soon as you've completed the form shown. For owners of dogs of 16 weeks and under, this will include a link to validate your participation using the email address you provide.

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For over 50 years, Dogs Trust has promised to never put down a healthy dog. We keep our promises, and that includes treating your personal details with care. We will keep the information you provide us with safe and will only use it for research purposes relating to the Generation Pup study to allow us to track your dog's development, and to identify common trends and themes which occur between dogs. We protect data prior to analysis and publication by removing your name and other personal identifiers from the research data and storing them separately (known as "pseudonymisation"). This process is similar to anonymisation, but enables those authorised to do so to "re-match" the research data with the individual it relates to, if needed. We collaborate with researchers at other institutions (including the University of Bristol), in undertaking the research and share Generation Pup data with them so that they can carry out further analysis of the data. We will only ever share your information with the external researchers who we authorise to access data we hold and which we have entered into a data sharing agreement with. A full list of the institutions that we share or intend to share data with can be found at which is updated from time to time. We won't contact you for any other purpose than the Generation Pup study, unless you already receive communications from us. You can opt out of or change your preferences for communications in relation to the Generation Pup study at any time by contacting or phoning +44 (0)7434 843460. For more information on this please see our privacy policy at

I confirm that I would like to participate in the Dogs Trust Generation Pup study, that I am 16 years of age or older, and live in the UK or Republic of Ireland. I have read the information provided about the study (including the "Information for Puppy Owners" that is available on the Generation Pup website, and directly accessed here) and understand how my personal data will be used and who to contact if I have questions about it. I understand that all information about me will be treated in the strictest confidence and that the data will be stored securely. I also understand that I can reduce my involvement or withdraw from the study at any time without prejudice

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